Cormyr, once a thriving and secure kingdom,
has fallen on hard times. First the wyrm Nalavarauthatoryl attempted
to reap her vengeance on the kingdom through terror and by coaxing orcs
and goblins from their dark holes to terrorize the land. Only the mobilization
of the kingdom’s army and the self sacrifice of Cormyr’s king, Azoun IV,
to destroy Nalavarauthatoryl, saved the land from her wrath. In the power
vacuum the nobles started to plot and fracture to fill the void. To make
matters worse, the horseman Famine joined War as crops failed, farms were
destroyed, and food became scarce. The kingdom soldiers on; fighting the
good fight and battling to bring prosperity back to its people.

It is the late summer of 1374 DR. You find yourself
arriving at the port of Urmlaspyr in Sembia. Cormyr is a few score of
leagues to the west and many adventurers and groups are converging on
the kingdom to seek their fortune, gain some fame, or to show off or hone
their skills. The journey onboard has been uneventful and several other
adventurers are also traveling aboard the ship. You’re all on a similar
journey, and realizing there is safety in numbers, a group of you have
decided to band together to journey west.